Waste Water Treatment Equipments
Waste water treatment equipments are utilised to accurately and minutely transfer liquid to other fluid streams or containers. An accurate volumetric flow rate is produced by a metering pump, which transfers a specific amount of liquid over a predetermined amount of time.
Air Blower
Buy from us high-performance Air Blower machines that are available in different variants according to their power consumption and pressure ratings. These units are designed as per industrial standards using heavy-duty engineering materials that result in high robustness to bear extreme pressure.
Mechanical Vacuum Booster
Mechanical Vacuum Booster pumps are high-performance industrial machines that function by compressing and expanding gas molecules for applications where it is required to create a vacuum. These booster pumps can be delivered to our customers as per the order placed by them at a reasonable price.
Ring Blower
Ring Blower machines are regenerative type air compressors designed to generate airflow with high-speed rotating impellers. These units can be used in a wide range of applications such as HVAC, ventilation, pneumatic systems, and many more.
Vacuum Pump
Our company offers best-in-class Vacuum Pump units that are in high demand due to their robust design and high working efficiency. These positive displacement-type machines can be used in a wide range of applications such as HVAC, industrial packaging, shrink wrapping, and scientific research.
Filter Press
Filter Press machines are heavy-duty industrial units that can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and various other industries to remove impurities from fluids by passing them through a filtering membrane under pressure. Buy from us these high-performance machines at a reasonable price.
Acoustic Hoods
Acoustic Hoods are safety enclosures that are designed by using premium quality materials with excellent noise cancellation properties. These sturdy housings are commonly used to cover machines to eliminate the risk of noise pollution within industrial facilities.
Screw Pump
Screw Pump units are special types of industrial pumps that are commonly used to increase the pressure of fluids with high viscosity such as liquid food products, lubricants, machine oils, and many more. These units are in high demand within the chemical, petroleum, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

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